Hug-A-Bug’s Bucket List


Remember when we had Drive-In Theatres with metal car speakers that were hooked on to posts, eating fresh popped, buttery popcorn and drinking ice cold soft drinks, sitting in our car watching a movie at a Drive-In. Well, they are back!

I am so excited! I found the coolest town in Texas that has them. Can you guess where it is? If you guessed Ennis, Texas, you are right. The Galaxy Drive-In has not just one movie screen, but six screens! How cool is that!

A few months ago Hug-A-Bug and I were traveling on Highway 45 and we ran into a sign “Galaxy Drive-In.” I looked again and sure enough it listed present movies. I could not believe my eyes, a real Drive-In! I told Hug-A-Bug and my husband that we must go there. Poor underpriviledged Hug-A-Bug has never been to a Drive-In theater.

To give you a little background the drive-in I am talking about is located at Ennis, Texas. The place opened in 2003 with three movie screens and kept expanding and now has “six screens.” Can you believe it! Six movie screens and two snack bars! Also, converted from film to digital and for 3-D movies! The theatre is open seven nights a week starting at dusk. Wait a minute, there is more! The movie tickets are $6.00 for ages 12 and up and only $3.00 for kids each. You can’t beat that price!

This is a must for Hug-A-Bug to check off on his bucket list! What new or old places are on your Bucket List? Please feel free to share!

You can visit Galaxy Drive-In at 5301 N Interstate Highway 45, Ennis, Texas 75119. Go to

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